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A Designs Hammer – How to EQ Drums

A Designs Hammer demonstrates how to EQ drums by mixing professional and Sound Pure Sales Team member, Doug Wessling. He succeeds in beefing up the low end, tightening the drum mix, handling the overheads, and eventually using the EQ across a stereo drum bus with impressive results. He proves that that A Designs Pacifica, while not a highly surgical parametric work can actually be used very powerfully as a corrective tool with impressive, musical, and very detailed sounding results. We love the sound and performance of this EQ, and are glad to help you choose the best EQ for your needs, or answer any of your questions regarding its use once you get your hands on it. Feel free to give us a ring toll free 888-582-9703, or try us by e-mail at sales(at)soundpure-dot-com.