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The first DJ-Consoles

 The first DJ Consoles
(August MD1 Disco Unit)

August21 505x358 The first DJ Consoles
(August CSD5)

SWConsole 505x373 The first DJ Consoles

The evolution of the twin-deck DJ console really began in the sixties and took off properly in the seventies, continuing into the eighties and nineties when CD arrived and eventually took over. Two turntables are used so that when the record on turntable number 1 has finished turntable number 2 is started and another record can be played with no ‘gap’ between the two, hence the operator is known as a ‘disc jockey’ or DJ!

A control panel or ‘mixer’ allows the DJ to fade the volume between the two turntables and to listen to tracks on headphones to find the correct starting point before playing ‘live’ to the audience (this is known as pre-fade listen or PFL for short). There is also provision for a microphone and auxiliary inputs for tape decks etc. Some consoles have built in amplifiers and others can be plugged into external ones.

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