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Ain’t No Love – DJ Andrew Unknown & DJ Mekalek

A lot of people tell me this is their favorite mixtape of all-time; and I’m humbled to hear something like that from people who I’ve never even met before. To be fair, the reason this mixtape is so unique is largely due to my boy Andrew Unknown aka Andrew Kelley. He had this crazy idea that we could get exclusive verses from people like Smif N Wessun, Sean Price, Rock, Masta Ace, Grafh, Wordsworth, J-Zone & Old Maid, Celph Titled, Rise, Punchline, Akrobatik, and more. I thought he was out of his damn mind, but we made it happen. To this day, I call Andrew’s big dreaming “The Vision”, and it was crazy to see it become a reality. This mixtape is packed with classic early-to-mid-90’s beats and murderous verses by some of me and Andrew’s favorite rappers. To be clear, all these verses were recorded specifically for this mixtape. Our boy, Eli-173, was also instrumental (pun intended) in helping us make the ideas into a reality with his DAW knowledge and engineering skills.
Andrew Unknown aka Andrew Kelley is still applying “The Vision”, but in a much bigger forum. Check out my boy’s tumblr and see the amazing things he’s into now: