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Save the Life of Your Stylus

Care for Your Records Is Care for Your Stylus

No discussion of record care would be complete without examining another equally important element in the chain of musical reproduction the phono pick up cartridge and stylus. The very small dimensions of the stylus of a stereo cartridge combined with its extreme freedom of movement and its low tracking pressure, require that records be maintained in their original state, free from forien matter. Since the pressures are too small for the stylus to push the dirt and dust aside. It in fact “plays” this foreign matter as if it were part of the groove. The result is an increase in background and surface noise.

Not Only a Clean Record but a Clean Stylus as Well

Lets remember we are working at a micro level even under ideal conditions. lets say with a new and clean record, the stylus tip will collect some airborne foreign matter. if this deposit is allowed to build up and harden on the stylus, the high polish of the stylus will eventually be replaced by a rough surface which will in turn contribute to an increase in surface noise and distortion. Therefore we have to keep not only the record clean but the stylus as well. In practice the condition of the stylus is an excellent inductor of the condition of the record.

How to Clean the Stylus

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Most cartridge manufacturers have provided little or no information regarding the proper methods of stylus cleaning. However, with the advent of ultra-lightweight tracking cartridge and increasing use of the elliptical stylus, this most important consideration is that the stylus must never be allowed to build up and accumulation of “goo” and pollution so that a coating is formed around the surface, riding in the grooves of the record. Therefore, the stylus should be inspected and cleaned after each playing session and immediately after playing any record which may have received applications of anti-static fluids.

Guitar Explosion: The Electric Underground - Psych Vinyl LP If this procedure is used, no deposit will build up or harden and the stylus will remain perfectly clean to the end of its useful life. There are various types of stylus cleaning brushes and fluids available, some of which are more effective and useful than others. Testing the effectiveness of a cleaning tool is a simple matter of viewing the stylus under a microscope of X10 magnification. The choice of cleaning fluid must be carefully checked, as some pickup cartridges can be damaged by the chemical reaction. in general frequent dry cleaning by the use of a brush with a short bristles is the safest course to follow.

When cleaning the stylus, the pickup cartridge is self securely and the brush or pad is stroked across the stylus in a forward motion. in the case of an elliptical stylus, the cleaner should be stroked across the stylus in a 45 degree angel, from right to left, and left to right.


Take Care of Your Stylus

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Your phonograph record or stylus or “needle” does not have a sharp point but rather it is a cone with a smooth ball shaped tip. When playing records the needle vibrates in the grooves at an astonishing rate to produce dynamic forces, and only a first-class needle can give first-class reproductions. The vibration which start sound reproductions also start wear of the needle, as it travels through miles and miles of grooves. The damage to a needle, is only visible under a microscope, and it is frequently difficult to note the deterioration audible. Check your needle often, and keep track of its playing time. Avoid damage to your valuable vinyl records.

A diamond needle will play approximately 1000 hours.

Vinyl Record Care and Maintenance

Protect Your Valuable Phonograph Records

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Cleanliness is absolutely mandatory if the optimum sound capability of the vinyl record is to be realized. A clean record will not only sound better, but last longer. It has long been proven that repeated playing of dirty phonograph records can cause permanent damage to the vinyl. Preservation of your valuable or irreplaceable records requires careful cleaning. Not to mention that stylus wear is greatly accelerated by playing dirty records, and with high price of cartridges these days, playing dirty records can lead to significant and unneeded expense.

Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Systems

Feel the Groove

Nitty_Gritty_Record_Cleaning_SystemClean vinyl is not only better-sounding vinyl, it is longer-lasting vinyl as well. All kinds of contaminants can end up in the grooves that will not only impede playback but may also cause long-term damage even if you don’t play your records. Until now, no available record cleaning system was accepted by professionals and enthusiasts alike as producing the desired result — clean records.No single system was able to rid a record’s surface of film, grease, residue, and dust while it eliminated static electricity and left a purified vinyl record.

Records cleaned on a Nitty Gritty system reproduce all the music stored in their grooves without the interference and masking of record pollutants. The Improvement in sound that a Nitty Gritty cleaning makes is so dramatic that the benefit of upgrading one component of a hi-fi system is less significant in comparison. the Nitty Gritty record cleaning system has established itself as an essential component in every hi-fi system.

A Final note of caution-despite modern improvements in phonograph needles, no needle is permanent. A worn needle irreparably damages the delicate groves of your records. At the first sign of deteriorating sound or skipping check your needle.

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A permanent needle is “permanent” only in the sense that a permanent wave is.
Pfanstiehl Phonograph Needle Mobile

Pfanstiehl Phonograph Needle Mobile