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My First Mixtape Series – Bored old school mix post (1988) by Steven Flex

I guess you know you’re old when you revisit the stuff you’ve done ages ago…

Yeah it’s not a new mix but you’ll get one sooner or later..Maybe later.

Bored just kickin around the pad, I decided to put this up.. A really, really, old school practice(we’re talkin about PRACTICE) tape I made from 88… I was 17, and had been djing for 3 years at that point…

I used this mixer back then.

The Numark 1850

Um, some notes: apparently I LOVED the airplane effect, I also liked to bring songs back and double them up again & again, & then some more. I edited the part when The Alliance-Bustin Loose comes in because the tape ended, flipped over and kept recording(remember that?) Oh and yeah there’s mess ups but hey I was just learning. Like A.G. from Show & A.G. said,”hip hop comes from way back, from childhood to manhood”. I cringed when I digitized this but it was cool to listen to the stuff I used to play back then. And yeah I played Freestyle and Miami bass also back then but I always felt different about the hip hop ish. Treasured the records way more and actually I got rid of some dance records that I now regret but I guess I’ll find em again.. Shout out to my first Dj Partner back then Dj Black.. The L’s were around back then too.. And tape hiss is all over this so… yeah.

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