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8/15 Episode 85 Feat. DEE COMPOSE

8/15 Episode 85 Feat. DEE COMPOSE.

” I started bboying at age 6 ,then age 12 started djing . Age 16 started making beats with an sampler , turntable and a 4 track. Age 18 got an asr 88 and started to dig in the crates for samples and sounds.   Im not in this to make money ,I do music for me . I like to create something out of nothing with my own 2 hands. ” – DEECOMPOSE

LIVE BROADCAST 8/15 8pm – 10:30pm


This weeks special guest dj is somewhat of jack of all trades when it comes to music and hip hop culture.  Born and raised in SD, he says he and grew up in Spring Valley. We met him during our skratchLab event last year.  He rolled through, pretty much no one knew who he was,  and he just jumped right into the scratch battles. He’s got some real funky styles of riding the beat.  It’s unusual, and unique.  Really creative and should definitely be heard.  You can judge for yourself. It can well be the sickest beats you’ve heard in a little while.  The homie shows a lot of love for the hip hop arts and he’s been active the past few months making his own music, his own beats, his own rhymes, he does his own videos, a Family man, he goes by the name of DEE COMPOSE.

Here are some links for you to get familiar with a san diego talent that you barely know about. Listen to his music and provide him some honost feedback.

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