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Differences – The Rane TTM-57SL vs Rane’s Sixty-Two


I haven’t seen many talk about this, so what are the major differences between the Rane Sixty-Two and the 57SL?

Ain’t shit different really. I mean if you’re a dude that used to buy Gemini mixers for $100 bucks, spending 2 G’s in today’s market is well… stupid. In reality, you were already crazy enough to spend $1600 on the 57SL when it came out and you were a straight up chump to purchase the Sixty-Eight for $2599 unless you were some club owner looking to upgrade your DJ booth… plus go to the serato forums and look at all the butt hurt heads pissed off cuz their 68 buttons are not holding up. More so, the 62 thing looks like is was in development at NASA with all the lights & crap. Is this the missing part to the Back to the Future DeLorean perhaps? Hit one of the 39 neon bright lights and go directly back to the 1990 DMC battle… who knows!?!

I’ll quit bitching, because let’s face it the DJs of today don’t know what the hell I’m talking about anyways because 1, they’re used to this type of midi/mixer hybrid stuff and 2, they’re used to spending $1500 on DJ gear. The good things here for a typical old school DJ cat (and I’ll use T-shirt sizes to express my excitement about each improvement) are:

  • XXL – USB 2.0: I can finally use a mixer with my quad-core PC & no more USB dropouts when I plug anything other than the mixer into the computer. Remember, USB is shared bandwidth & USB v1 simply sucked. Feel free to move the USB Buffer Setting with this mixer all the way to the left for once.
  • XXL – More Pads: with the 57SL, you were really limited as to what you can do ‘quickly’ on the fly without touching the keyboard. For example, setting a cue point and quickly triggering 1 of your SP6 samples. I mean you could do this, but if you’re like me and you have your 6 buttons set for 3 cue points /per channel, then you had to switch to another bank 1st before triggering a sample, then you had to remember to switch back. I know there are ways around this but they don’t go without sacrificing something.  Nuff said, the 62 has plenty of midi assignable pads to fullfill what I wanted. 10 pads instead of 6.
  • XL – Looping: on the 57SL I had the little J1 & J2 up/down/left/right joysticks assigned to trigger my 4/8/16 auto loops. I would sometimes accidentally hit these sticks and fk up my mix… it got worse when I had more than a 6 pack of beer too. I can do this much easier on the 62 with it’s dedicated loop ‘section.’ Plus switching your looped bars is done much easier. Before I would have to remap, now I don’t have to do shit if I want a 32/4/8 bar loop on the fly. Win.
  • L – 2 USB Inputs: I don’t do a lot of gigs, maybe 10 per year. However, when I do & if one of my TTTRadio side kicks wants to jump in with their laptop they can do that easily now because the 62 has 2 USB inputs with assignable laptops on the top of the mixer. So say I’m playing a track on my laptop on Channel A. My man can plug his laptop into the 2nd USB input, switch Channel B on the mixer to use his laptop and mix in a track, then set Channel A to his mixer to take full control. Dope.
  • M – Split Cue: Pretty cool as I’ve tried to do this before but couldn’t. Wanna DJ just in your headphones while using the crossfader and not piss off your girl who’s trying to watch Jersey Shore? The 62 has split cue… correct me if I’m wrong but now this is possible.
  • M – XLR-1/4″ Mic Input: no need for Radio Shack type connectors if you have/don’t have an XLR microphone. The 62 accepts both.
  • XS -Fx: Simply put, I’m not a house/trance/knob turning freak type of DJ jumping around the DJ booth pushing buttons and crap. I don’t really need to use Fx when mixing hip hop nor do I want my scratches to sound like something they’re not, (see this jurk off). I’ll use an echo effect at most, can do that fine on the 57SL too.

Moral of the story here, there aren’t major changes that can justify a $2,000 price tag + tax. The reality however is that most “biter DJs” have or are starting to accept newer Midi capable gear these days #1 and #2, most of us vinyl DJs don’t have the “wanting need” to carry 3-4 or more crates to a gig. So if I have to choose a Serato/Traktor mixer out of what’s currently available (and because I’ve had Rane’s since the 52), the 62 will be it. That said, no need to rush out and trade in your 57SL, it’s going to be the classic of tomorrow like the Vestax 05 or Technics SH-DJ1200 is today. I just wanted the 62. My 2 cents.

UPDATE: With the new public beta version 2.4.2, there is a lot of requested functionality going into the new update. Including, the ability to map any button to your liking. Not sure why this wasn’t a feature out of the box? Check SeratoTutor on YouTube for a good description.

… and don’t bother with the Sixty-One, it’s a 56 w/ built in Serato, frequent laptop button pushing will be needed for those that hate to use the mixer and laptop together. The 62-Z, do you really want some other dudes name on YOUR mixer?