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My First Mixtape Series- Boobytrappin’ by Rogan Josh


Rogan Josh – Boobytrappin’

1) Dust Brothers: Who is Tyler Durden?
2) Humate: 3.2
3) Deee-Lite: Deee-Lite Theme
4) Rae & Christian feat. The Pharcyde: Aint Nuthin Like (Nextmen Remix)
5) Jaffa: Elevator (Herbaliser Remix)
6) The Karminsky Experience: Exploration
7) DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like Part 3 (In Tune & On Time)
8) Wu-Tang Clan: Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ (Accapella)
9) Flevins: Phenomenon by Astro
10) Busta Rhymes: We Could Take it Outside
11) Nightmares on Wax: What I’m Feelin’ (Rae & Christian Remix)
12) DJ Wool: Globalhashfuturegraff
13) DJ Shadow: Entropy
14) Strata 3: (It’s Not a) Man’s World
15) Yello: The Race
16) The Smiths: Money Changes Everything
17) DJ Z-Trip: Rhythmic Metaphor
18) BDP: South Bronx
19) Grange Hill Theme
20) Kurtis Blow: The Breaks
21) Ninja Kid & Bajie Man: La Di Da Di
22) Orbital: You Lot
23) Soul Position: Survival
24) Beastie Boys: Ch-Check it Out (Cheap Cologne Mix)
25) Cornelius: Mic Check
26) Blur: Battle (UNKLE Remix)
27) DJ Shadow: Right Thing
28) Fugazi: Sweet & Low