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Rich Medina Mid Set Rant at the Do-Over LA


No Requests Mean No Requests



This one is for all you DJs out there. We work hard putting our sets together, digging for records to play that no one has. We have put in our time carrying crate after crate after record bag after flight case full of records from one city to another. We are paid to play records. We are not paid to play what you want to hear at this very moment. No, I will not hook up your iPhone so you can hear the newest Wiz Khalifa as I am cutting up doubles of Dry Bread. No, I will no play Shakira, Rakim is on dude. This mid set rant at The Do Over in California by DJ Rich Medina hits the nail right on the head. If a DJ won’t play the song you request, “take it on the chin and keep it movin’, or go buy some turntables “. I couldn’t agree more. I always felt that when I was DJing, I wasn’t just there to entertain, I was there to educate as well. We get paid to do what we do, that’s play good music, and have an individual style. Don’t mess with that. Sit back, drink your drink, nod your head, and enjoy the ride.

FYI: I’ve been checking out Rich Medina since the mid-90′s, and although we don’t know each other, I have the utmost respect for this man and his DJ style. This is a guy who knows his music, and if you listen, you may learn something. Although the crowd got into the Leon Haywood joint Rich dropped post rant, they still couldn’t distinguish that it wasn’t the Dre song. Bottom line…….

Respect the DJ!

Rich Medina Mid Set Rant

Keep Diggin’!