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My First Mixtape Series- Live in 1987 by Hamza 21

This one comes to us from Hamza 21 by way of the Hip Hop Blog Domeshots & Fatlaces.  Take a read about how he describes the tape.

“Here’s a practice mix I made back in 1987. It was recorded in fall of that year if I remember correctly. It mostly contains Egyptian Lover tunes on a 14 minute educational cassette that I recorded over. I threw my old DJ name, DJ Kazzual (Casual) and party crew (Da Rebelz Clan) on the mix cover. Nothing fancy just something from the archives.”


Alezby Inn Intro – Egyptian Lover
Freak-A-Holic – Egyptian Lover
Sexy Style – Egyptian Lover
My Beat Goes Boom – Egyptian Lover
Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Panic Zone – NWA
Your Chance To Rock – Rodney O & Joe Cooley