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Beans On Toast Radio Show from 12/7/12 By blackbeltjonez

Beans On Toast - 12/7/12

Ah – t’was a glorious feeling to be back amongst the knobs, dials, buttons and general lack of oxygen one finds in a recording studio, once again. It’s been waaaay too long and I don’t plan on repeating the hiatus. Get this one up in your ear bits and feel free to do a bit of silly dancing and swaying whilst you do – will be back next couple of weeks with next installment.

Featuring tracks by Detroit Emeralds, The Incredible Torture Show, Luke Vibert, Nas, Funki Porcini and more

Brains – Jam Baxter
Missiona Pericolosa – Crookram
Wilford’s Gone -The Blackbyrds
Thankful – Rasheed Chapelle
Take Me With You – Lyn Christopher
Creature From The Rockit Lagoon – Messer Chups
Pushin’ Aside, Pushin’ Along -First Serve
The Same Love That Made Me Laugh…(Scratchandsniff’s Extended Re-Rub) – Bill Withers
Evil -Howlin’ Wolf
U Wit That -Son Doobie
The Great Drive-By (Bent’s Zorba Mix) – Funki Porcini
Fairchild -Willie West
U Know What I’M Sayin’ -Large Professor
Set It Out – Detroit Emeralds
Wick Wack -Tim ‘Love’ Lee
Made You Look (Mex Remix) -Nas
Talk Of The Town – Mr Bird
Yoga Fire -Free The Robots
All Out – Mass Influence
Southern Man (Scrimshire Edit) – Merry Clayton
90% Of Me Is You – Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra
Methods Of Dropping Mental -Poor Righteous Teachers
Hopscotch (Wagon Christ Edit) -Howie B
Mpese Mpese Theme (Drum Talk Remix) – Mpese Mpese Band
Footin’ It – George Benson
Are You Comfortable? – The Incredible Torture Show
Cross My Palm, She Whispered -Cherrystones
Arrogance – Luke Vibert
We Don’t Play – Phil Most Chill