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Miracle 1200s Transformation

Miracle 1200s

In the first pictures, you can clearly see how it looked like. Many believed that it would take a miracle to bring these decks back to life. It was the most challenging decks I’ve ever done. But after the refurbishment, it gave me more confidence.

Anyway, these decks are finished in automotive acrylic glossy white. The tone arm section are also painted to white to match the body. Parts replaced are: power switch knobs, pitch controls, aluminum pitch decals, turntable legs and tone arm clip rest, The strobe LEDs are replaced with bright blue while the 33/45 and pop up lamps are fitted with bright white LEDs. THe platters are also refaced, repainted and refaced again to make them look new. The pitch control was also modified to “non-tick” and was set to “perfect pitch” calibration. The tone arm was also set to factory calibration. The body is also wet sanded and buffed before putting them back to assemble. Every detail and assembling required top notch craftsmanship that I learned over the past years of rebuilding 1200s.

Below are the before and after documented pictures.