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Serator Itch vs NI Traktor vs Ableton Live : Keylocked Pitching

Ok, so I got my new DJ Controller to play around with, the famous Novation Twitch. Its a nice piece of hardware… not flawless (weak plastic bottom, eq knobs too tight, no grip on the knobs) but good.

While playing around with Seratos Itch which is new to me I found out that I dislike some of the Effects – the Delays and Echo is very quiet, so you can use it only as a fadeout effekt, the Loop Section has no 3/4  for example … for that you gotta use Beatslicer Effect and this one just doesn’t feel as in Time as Traktors Beatsclicer or Abletons Beat repeat.

But the most annoying thing was the feeling tht the sound wasn’t as good as with my previous Reloop Diskjockey 2 / Traktor setup. While I was at first blaming the internal Soundcard of Twitch I later found out about 2 Things:

  • NI Traktor puts kind of a compressor on Top of its sound. makes everything more PHAT … and in a good way
  • Pitching in Keylocked Mode sounds just a bit more choppy, crappy on Itch than on Traktor

But just listen yourself: It is popmuschi with “once again” pitched up from 128 to 141.8 BPM first in Itch, than in Traktor and finally in the most trusted Program for warping stretching and timeshifting: Ableton Live (I used complex pro mode)

Listen closely and you will hear the BIG difference in choppyness etc. This makes Itch unusable for me – even worse because you can start hearing artefacts from around 2.5 percent pitchbend change !!!!

Back to Traktor it is….