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Crossfaders FAQ


What is a crossfader?

A crossfader is a small horizontal fader which – in it’s simplest form – “pulls down one fader on channel, while putting up the other”. This means the DJ has the ability to control both decks volumes with one hand, leaving the other free to work the records. Some DJ’s use crossfaders, some DJ’s don’t – do what you feel happy with!

If you would like to get into scratch dj’ing you should look for a mixer with a crossfader. Scratch dj’s also look for crossfader adjust switches and hamster switches (see below).

How do I change my crossfader?

A crossfader will fail – they only have a limited life span – and it’s designed to be a replaceable part. When it starts making a noise or the music cuts out when you move it, it’s time for a new one.

The replacement crossfaders are easy to fit – you’ll only need a small crosshead screwdriver to do it. VERY IMPORTANT: TURN YOUR MIXER OFF AND UNPLUG IT FROM THE MAINS. Remove the two outside screws on the crossfader and lift it out. Remove the small ribbon cable on the underside of the old crossfader, and clip in into place on the new one. Drop it back into the holes, screw in place, and that’s it!

What is a hamster switch?

A hamster switch reverses the position of a crossfader, so that moving the crossfader to the left plays the right hand deck, and visa versa. It is used by scratch DJ’s to perform a variety of techniques.

Can I use WD40 on my crossfader?

It has been reported in newsgroups etc that you can “make your crossfader as good as new” by spraying some WD40 into it. As WD40 is a lubricant, it may well improve it’s motion for a while, but is not recommended, and could cause permanent damage to your mixer!