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LEAKED: Contracts and performance perks of your favorite EDM artists


LEAKED: Contracts and performance perks of your favorite EDM artists.

Posted on June 18, 2012


Let it be known, Christmas is now on June 18th. At least, my Christmas was, because today I received, from a confidential source, the best gift I’ve ever gotten. Listed below are the LEAKED secret agreements that concert promoters have to adhere to when the big bad EDM performers come to town. I’ll let you explore the full list on your own, but there are a couple contracts with some highlights:

Pickiest Eaters: Pendulum

We’ve all roughed it at some point, right? I can remember one too many days on the road where fast food or salty snacks weren’t just a food group, they were the whole pyramid. But really, how many of us can survive without French sticks, wholemeal bread, tub of butter, a selection of good cheese and meat platter, a large selection of fresh cut vegetables and assorted dips, a large selection salt free mixed nuts, large bowl of fresh fruit a large selection of sweets and chocolate, 48 bottles of good quality lager beer – Stella, Grolch, 24 cans of assorted sodas (to include diet Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta etc.), 2 bottles of good quality dry white wine (good quality), 2  Bottles of good quality red wine (good quality), 1 x large bottle of Whiskey (Jamesons / Talisker or Glenfiddich), a bottle of vodka, 12 bottles / Lucozade Sport / or any isotonic energy sports drinks, 12 cans of Relentless energy drink, 48 half litre bottles still mineral water, 4 litres orange juice / 4 litres of Cranbury juice, 1 Jar of Honey, 1 Kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, and china mugs? (All of which must be provided by contract, see below)

Just thinking about going without even one of those things makes me swoon. Of course, you never know how far people will go to please you unless you ask.


So Plain and Simple It’s Hilarious: Tie between Sidney Samson and Nero.

I knew that both of these guys were humble and actually cared about the music, but it’s impressive how little they need to have a good time. Hell, they don’t even ask for ice!

See the full list below. [Editor’s Note: We told The Snob to edit out any sensitive contact information. He called us a bunch of sissies, but did it anyway.]

Edit: You crazy Belgians wanted Soulwax. You guys are very persistent (seriously, after 192 emails, you can stop). Anyway, who am I to dare disappoint my readers? Here’s Soulwax’s rider. 


If anyone else in the industry wants to add someone to this list, please send your submission to .

-The Snob