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Chicago House DJ Mark Farina, Removed from Decks due to “too much house” at MARQUEE DAYCLUB in Las Vegas

Vegas crowd Rejects DJ Mark Farina House Music at Marquee DayClub.

What’s happening to EDM Here in the United States? David Guetta Becomes #1 toping out Armin van Buuren, Skrillex winning grammis, then Paris Hilton Launching a “House Music” album and debuting as a DJ, then HOUSE Music Dj’s getting kicked out Venues first Ferrer, and now Farina?

Is it the Venue? the promoters maybe? Or Simply DJ’s who are wrongly educating the Scene who are now days making a Mockery out of it… Some agree that Pop-EDM is a good way to introduce EDM into the United States, But the result’s are showing the opposite.