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The Dirtstyle Vinyl Challenge

The Dirtstyle Vinyl Challenge

The Dirtstyle Vinyl Challenge


The good folks at Thud Rumble & Battle Avenue have put together an all vinyl Dj Battle event, scheduled for June 10th at the LA Beat Swap Meet, & June 24th, at the San Francisco Beat Swap Meet.   For the classical tablists or vinyl enthusiasts, this is a good sign that folks in the scene are not only showing more respect to vinylists, but also paying homage to the classic style Dj battles.


Battling has always been an essential part of the Dj culture.  For anyone who has ever invested years into the art-form, the battle stage has always been an outlet for people who wanted to showcase their skills on a competitive level.  Wanting to be known as the best, or wanting to know who are the best around, keeps the culture moving forward as far as creativity and capabilities.

And of course, with the addition of new technology, some changes have been added to keep up with the times, including the addition of allowing new technology to be incorporated on some of the different battle circuits. We’re not saying anything bad about the use of today’s technology in current battles (it’s actually really good), & we’re not trying to take any attention away from any Red Bull 3 style battles, or DMC battles coming up,  we just want to put it out there that this battle will be a little bit different, and hopefully more & more people will recognize the difference, and come out and get involved.

Battles have became a lot more technical these days with the addition of all types of different formats: laptops, mp3′s, dicers, controllers, and all sorts of digital platforms.

But, The Dirtstyle Challange requires all the participants to use only select Dirtstyle vinyls (which will be provided at the event).  Read on…


Dirt style vinyl challenge Rules:


DJ’s will be given (3) downloadable mp3 versions of randomly drawn Dirtstyle Records to create routines their best routine with. the event, you will only be allowed to use the vinyl versions provided by Thud Rumble & Battle Avenue

(please bring OWN sticky dots, tape markers,etc.)

CUT 2 CUT – Head to head Q & A scratch battle. DJ’s will scratch for 2 rounds over 2  selected beats from one of the Dirtstyle Records provided.
MUST alternate scratch sample for 2nd round.

DIRTSTYLE MASTERS – Head to head 2 minute routines. 2 rounds each and MUST use Dirtstyle Records provided.

Open to all ages
DJ’s must use vinyl provided at sign-up stage
DJ’s are responsible for bringing:
– Needles
– Headphones
– Sticky dots, tape markers (NO PENS or SHARPIES ALLOWED on vinyl)
You are allowed to enter more than 1 “DIRTSTYLE CHALLENGE EVENT” However, if the booth is at an event for more than 1 day and you WIN 1st at a  challenge prior to the 2nd day, you will not be allowed to enter.

4 – 1200 or 1210 Technic Turntables
2 – Mixers (Rane or Vestax tba)
Butter Rug Slipmats courtesy of Thud Rumble

TBA courtesy of Battle Avenue & Thud Rumble

Important Dates:
BSM LA sign ups begin May 1st – June 1st 2012
BSM Berkeley sign ups begin May 15th – June 15th 2012

Current Events Available for Sign Up:
Beat Swap Meet – Los Angeles, Ca Sunday June 10th
Beat Swap Meet – San Francisco,Ca Sunday June 24th

Email the following information:
First & last name
DJ name
Event Signing Up For
Alternate form of Contact
OK to provide – Website, Facebook,Twitter,Mixcrate, etc.

Upon receiving the email you will be sent the 3 MP3 Dirtstyle records being used for the event you signed up for.

For more info or to contact us:
Antriks – Event Director

If you’re interested in signing up or want to know more information, please visit or, or check back with us every week for updates.