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How to Improve Your Hearing

Everybody gets older this is one of the facts of life, as we get older our hearing starts to go. We expose ourselves to so much noise throughout the day. But there is something you can do to improve your hearing

Step 1 This exercise can help you improve your hearing. Get down on the floor, and make sure its quiet. If you have to you may want to send your kids on an outing if its too noisy. Now flex your knees laying on your back and place the soles of your feet flat down on the ground.

Step 2 Now start breathing slow and deep through your mouth with your eyes closed for several minutes. Now take your hands and cover your ears then uncover them several times. Repeat this step with your hands until your head and neck feels relaxed and comfortable.

Step 3 Now gently massage your ears. Take a gentle tug on both of your ear lobes, and pull softly on all of the parts of your outer ear as well. Now caress the inner rims of your outer ear and massage the inner area gently. Once your done massaging your inner rims, rest quietly on the floor. After this you should be able to hear better after this.