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Balancing your Tonearm for Technic 1200

There are three things that have to be adjusted before you start using your Technics turntable: the balance arm (=stylus pressure), anti-skating and the tonearm height. When I first used mine I didn’t really see the importance of precise adjustment, but as soon as you progress you will definitaly notice the difference. Especially if you’re into scratching records these things are a must to adjust!
Adjusting the balance and setting the stylus pressure:

Make sure the balance weight is on right and take the arm out of the safety catch.
Hold the arm on your finger and turn the weight until the arm is balanced horizontal.
Now refasten the arm and set the stylus pressure ring (it’s the one mounted on the weight) to zero (align the zero with the groove on the tonearm).
Turn the balance weight clockwise until the pressure ring is at the desired amount (follow the cartridge manufacturer’s recommendation).

Adjusting the anti-skating control:
Set the anti-skating ring to the same value as the stylus pressure. If you have used a pressure higher than 3 then you should turn the ring to its maximum value of 3.

Adjusting the tonearm height:
You can set the tonearm height up to 6mm high. Use the following table to figure out how high you need to put it:

Height of cartridge (mm) Scale on height adjust ring
15 0
16 1
17 2
18 3
19 4
20 5
21 6

The height of the cartridge is measured from the tip of the diamond to the roof of the stylus. My Concorde PRO for example is about 29mm high and therefore I just put my height adjust ring on 6. Remember to lock the ring after you’re done adjusting the tonearm height.